How to Upload Images to Craigslist

By Elvis Michael

While Craigslist allows you to post text-only ads, uploading images to your listing helps it stand out from the crowd and provides your target audience with more information about your post’s overall benefits. For example, an image about your used car or vacation rental can effectively give customers rich, visual details pertaining to your offer. Craigslist enables you to showcase multiple images within a single listing.

Step 1

Click “Post to Classifieds” from your Craigslist’s local home page to upload images to a new ad, then select the desired listing type, category and geographic location.

Step 2

Fill out all necessary and suggested sections, then click “Continue” to view the local Maps screen if you had previously enabled such option. Otherwise, the main image-upload screen appears.

Step 3

Click “Add Images” and browse for the desired picture(s) from your computer.

Step 4

Select the image you wish to upload, then click “Open” to return to the image-upload screen.

Step 5

Click “Done with Images” to continue.

Step 6

Click “Publish” to save your listing with the newly-uploaded images.

Tips & Warnings

  • Allow up to 15 minutes for your Craigslist ad to go live.
  • Upload the best image first if you intend to use multiple photos, as the first one is featured and shown to users by default.
  • Categories based on real state and items for sale greatly benefit from images, allowing interested customers to view your asset’s current condition.
  • Common image extensions such as GIF, JPG and PNG formats are relatively small in size, as typical file sizes are of 1MB or smaller. Most picture formats are small enough for typical internet connection speeds used today.
  • Do not upload suggestive or otherwise offensive images, as they provide grounds for ad blocking (flagging) or account termination.