How to Upload Multiple Videos on YouTube

By Andrew Schrader

YouTube allows users to upload videos in several different formats, including MOV, MP4, WMV, and Flash Video files. You may upload up to ten videos during a single upload session in any of these formats, as long as their running times are less than ten minutes apiece and they are smaller than 2 gigabytes in size. YouTube suggests uploading the highest quality videos possible to avoid quality loss during the upload and conversion process. Please allow up to several hours for multiple videos to upload.

Things You'll Need

  • Youtube account

Step 1

Launch your Web browser and visit Click the "Upload" button at the top of the screen to be re-directed to the site's main upload page.

Step 2

Click the yellow "Upload Video" link in the "Video File Upload" box to access a pop-up menu of your computer's contents. Browse your hard drive for the first video you want to upload, highlight its icon, and click "OK."

Step 3

While you wait for your video to upload, you may fill out video information including title, description, and key search words.Scroll down the page and click the next "Upload Video" button. Search your hard drive, locate your next video, and click "OK."

Step 4

Repeat this process by clicking each "Upload Video" button that appears each time you upload a video. (You may repeat this until you have ten videos uploading simultaneously).

Tips & Warnings

  • For best video quality, upload videos with frames that have been "de-interlaced." Movies that have been encoded as "H.264" are best suited for uploading to YouTube.