How to Upload Videos on Yahoo

By Rosemary Peters

As of December 15, 2011, Yahoo Screen -- then named Yahoo Video -- removed the option for users to upload content to its website. The purpose of the site shifted to providing free videos and trending viral clips shared by Yahoo itself. However, those with a Yahoo account did not lose the ability to upload their content in general. Instead, Yahoo encouraged users to use Flickr, a photo and video hosting site the company purchased in 2005.

Step 1

Navigate to Flickr's Home page (see link in Resources). Click "Sign In" and sign in using your Yahoo ID and password. If you do not have one, click "Create New Account" and follow the steps.

Step 2

Click "Upload" from the navigation bar on the Home screen that will appear.

Step 3

Click "Upload photos and video" and navigate to the video on your computer through the file viewer that appears. Click on the icon for the video and click "Open." Alternatively, open the file folder containing the video and drag the file icon into the upload screen. The time it takes to upload the video will vary depending on the size of the video.

Step 4

Fill in details about the video in the Editing 1 Photo panel on the screen that appears. This panel enables you to change the name of the video, add a description of its contents, tag it with keywords, tag the people who appear in the video and change the ownership settings.

Step 5

Click "Upload 1 Photo." A screen will appear verifying the video's privacy settings. If you are content with the settings, click "Upload." Otherwise, click "Cancel" and change the privacy settings in the Editing 1 Photo panel. Once you have chosen the appropriate sharing options, click "Upload 1 Photo" and click "Upload."

Tips & Warnings

  • Using the metatagging options that Flickr provides will make it easier for other users to find your videos. It will also help you remember specific details about the video, such as when you made it and where.
  • In the "Editing 1 Photo" panel, you can edit your ownership settings. This will enable you to prevent certain people from seeing the video.
  • Upon uploading your video, Flickr will take you to a screen where it hosts all of your uploaded videos and photos. Click on the video's icon if you want to edit its tagged properties, share it or download it. You can also post a comment on the video and change its Album location.
  • You are provided with 1TB of storage space on Flickr. Once you run out of space, you might want to consider deleting old videos and photos.
  • Give careful consideration to your privacy settings for each video as you upload it, because if you share your video and then change your privacy settings, the links to the video will break (see Resources for more information).