How to Use a Digital FM Transmitter With an MP3 Player

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

Want to listen to your MP3 files while taking a road trip? You can play your MP3 files in the car by using a digital FM transmitter. The transmitter plugs into your MP3 player and transmits the files on your device through FM radio waves to the car's FM radio receiver. Here's how to use a digital FM transmitter with your MP3 player.

Things You'll Need

  • Digital FM transmitter
  • MP3 player

Step 1

Find out what kind of transmitter is compatible with your MP3 player. Your best bet is to find one that plugs into your player's audio output jack.

Step 2

Decide how complex you want your transmitter to be. Some transmitters broadcast at a preprogrammed frequency, while others allow you to change it. (Being able to change it gives you more flexibility in urban areas, where a preprogrammed frequency might be the same as or close to an existing station. This will cause interference.)

Step 3

Position your MP3 player close enough to the FM transmitter so that you can connect the two, but still control your MP3 player by hand.

Step 4

Position your FM transmitter close enough to the receiver (such as the car radio) so that the signal is clearly picked up by the transmitter.

Step 5

Tune your radio to the preprogrammed frequency, or the frequency you choose.

Step 6

Tune your transmitter to the same frequency (if it's not preprogrammed).

Step 7

Press "Play" on your MP3 player. Now your MP3 songs will play through the radio.

Tips & Warnings

  • If a particular preprogrammed frequency in your FM transmitter is close or identical to a radio station that your radio receives otherwise, there might be interference. Find another preprogrammed device or opt for one that allows you to change the broadcast frequency.