How to Use a Golf Rangefinder

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

Amateur golfers have turned to specialized rangefinders to improve their skills over the last decade. Rangefinders were originally developed for the construction industry, but they have since crossed over due to the prevalence of golf as a global hobby. You can use a golf rangefinder to improve your driving distance and accuracy by getting a feel for the course layout.

Things You'll Need

  • Carrying case
  • Golf towel or cleaning kit
  • Note pad
  • Extra battery

Use a Golf Rangefinder

Step 1

Purchase a rangefinder that has a maximum range well beyond the longest hole at your local golf course. You should find a golf rangefinder with a range beyond 500 yards in order to create a clear view of the hole on a par 5.

Step 2

Check the magnification level and increments of your golf rangefinder before you go golfing. Your rangefinder should be adjustable down to each yard and contain several degrees of magnification to maintain a crystal-clear picture of your target.

Step 3

Stand outside of the tee box while you use your rangefinder at a golf course. Golf etiquette requires you to stand well outside of the tee markers while others play ahead of you to ensure a quick game. You can also gain a good view of the course by steering clear of fellow golfers.

Step 4

Focus on a particular spot on the golf course and pan away before you take a swing. Many golfers make the mistake of looking at a target without putting it in context with the rest of the course.

Step 5

Adjust the eyehole of your rangefinder on the first hole to ensure comfort during the entire round. Your eyes will wear out quickly if you have the rangefinder set at an uncomfortable level throughout 18 holes of golf.

Step 6

Keep your rangefinder clean on the golf course with proper storage. You should wipe off the lens and eyehole with your golf towel before placing it in a carrying case between uses.

Step 7

Pack an extra battery if you own a digital or laser rangefinder. You may need to replace a battery in the middle of a round if there is extreme heat draining the battery with repeated use.

Tips & Warnings

  • Bring a note pad with you to the golf course to prevent excessive use of your rangefinder. As you take measurements on a specific hole, note your approach and the club used next to the distance of a particular hole. You can keep this note pad in your golf bag for use when you return to a course without needing to use your rangefinder again.