How to Use a Motorola DCH3200 With Comcast

By Patrick Nelson

Motorola's DCH3200 High Definition, or HD, set-top cable box is one of many devices supplied by Comcast. The DCH3200 device supports a common CableCARD interface for connecting to local cable providers, including Comcast. The credit-card-size CableCARD that Motorola calls an "M Card" assigns the DCH3200 to the Comcast network and allows programming to be viewed. To use your DCH3200, check that the card is inserted and connect the necessary wires.

Things You'll Need

  • Cables

Step 1

Verify that the Comcast-supplied CableCARD is inserted into the back of the Motorola. If the box was supplied by Comcast, the card will already be in place. You can check that it hasn't been dislodged if you are running into problems. If the DCH3200 was not supplied by Comcast, you can remove the existing CableCARD and insert a card supplied by Comcast. The card is required for viewing programs.

Step 2

Determine whether the television you will be hooking up to the DCH3200 is high definition or standard definition. As a guide, a television with a 4:3 aspect screen will likely be standard definition. A television with a 16:9 aspect will likely be high definition. Make the connections between the television and DCH3200. HD connections are made with component video, IEEE-1394 or HDMI cables; SD connections are made with S-video and/or AV composite cables. Match the type of jacks and plugs. For example, an HDMI cable won't fit in an AV composite jack.

Step 3

Connect the "Cable" terminal to the incoming Comcast coaxial signal. You don't need a further cable box. If there's another Comcast box inline, remove it.

Step 4

Optimize the HD settings if you are connecting an HD television by turning on the TV and then powering off the DCH3200. Immediately press the "Menu" button and a configuration screen will appear. Follow the prompts to optimize the video settings using the arrow buttons.