How to Use a Sony Built-in Zoom Mic

By Greyson Ferguson

Many higher-end Sony video cameras have a microphone installed known as a zoom microphone. This microphone offers you the ability to change the direction of the audio recording, focusing it on a small area directly in front of the camera or a wider area spanning either sides of the camera. To adjust and control this feature, use the menu built into the Sony video camera.

Step 1

Power on the Sony video camera. Flip open the LCD screen on the side of the video camera.

Step 2

Press the "Menu" button, located next to the LCD screen (it is covered by the screen, when it is closed).

Step 3

Choose "Setup," then select "Audio." This brings up the audio recording information.

Step 4

Choose the audio degree you want to record in. The larger the degree, the more audio is picked up from content surrounding the camera.

Step 5

Press the "Menu" button to accept the audio settings change.

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