How to Use a TracFone SIM in an Unlocked Cell

By Zyon Silket

TracFone is a company that sells pre-paid services. They "piggyback" off carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile because they use a GSM network. To do this, the phones TracFone sells require a SIM card just like the phones sold by AT&T and T-Mobile. Because TracFone sells pre-paid services, the phones they sell with the service are usually generic or feature-poor phones. You can easily use your Tracfone SIM with any unlocked cell phone.

Step 1

Remove the back cover and the battery from your TracFone. Locate the white SIM card under the battery and remove it from the device. The SIM card directly connects to your mobile number and is the key component that allows you to access the TracFone network.

Step 2

Remove the back cover and battery from your unlocked cell phone and locate the SIM holder under the battery. The SIM holder resembles the shape of a SIM card.

Step 3

Insert the SIM card into the SIM holder on your cell phone. One corner of the SIM card is cut off. The SIM holder also has one corner with the same type of cut. This helps you orientate your SIM card in the phone. Insert the SIM with the white side facing up and the gold side facing down.

Step 4

Place the battery and back cover on your cell phone and power it on. When it registers, your unlocked phone is on the TracFone network.