How to Use a US Cellular Phone on Sprint

By Janos Gal

With so many cell phone providers on the market, you may feel overwhelmed seeing all the choices and it may not always be easy to choose one. Because Sprint is one of the largest network providers in the U.S., you can rest assured your phone will work nearly anywhere you go within the U.S. A cell phone is a cordless device with which you can make calls and send messages. Using one on the Sprint network is no different from using one on any of the other networks.

Step 1

Turn on your phone by pressing the switch-on button. The switch button may be at different locations depending on the make of your cell phone. It is generally a red circle with a line drawn into the center of it.

Step 2

Wait until your phone searches for the Sprint network. Normally all phones are set to look for their own network providers by default. If your phone is set to search for a network manually, you will have to search for a network yourself.

Step 3

Go into the menu of the phone. You can most often do this by pressing the middle button of your cell underneath the screen. Depending on the make of your phone, you will have several options in the cell's menu.

Step 4

Look for the option of "Settings." Enter that folder. Inside the "Settings" menu, look for the sub-menu called "Connectivity." Enter the "Connectivity" sub-menu option.

Step 5

Enter the "Network Selection" option within the "Connectivity" sub-menu. Change the "Network Selection" option to automatic. If it was set to manual search, go over to the "Automatic" option and hit the "Enter" or "Select" button on your phone.

Step 6

Exit the menu. Wait until your phone searches for the Sprint network. Once your phone selects the Sprint network, you can send and receive text messages and make and receive calls just as you would do with any other phone on other networks.

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