How to Use a Verizon Prepaid Phone Card

By James McElroy

Verizon Wireless prepaid phone users can buy minutes with cash by going to a retail store, or they can use a credit card online or over the phone. Verizon also sells prepaid phone cards with airtime preloaded that customers can buy and hold onto in order to add minutes later to their phone.

Things You'll Need

  • Verizon prepaid card
  • Verizon prepaid phone

Step 1

Scratch the strip of coating off the back of the card. This is the same type of coating you may have seen on instant lottery tickets. Your prepaid card number is beneath the coating.

Step 2

Dial "*611" and press "Send" on your Verizon prepaid phone. This is the number to call Verizon's automated customer service.

Step 3

Press "1" after the automated voice tells you to do so in order to make a payment with a prepaid card.

Step 4

Dial the prepaid card number into the phone when prompted by the automated voice. This will add the money on the card to you prepaid account.

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