How to Use an Intellitouch PT10 Mini Clip-On Tuner

By Jolie Johnson

The PT10 Mini tuner is a lightweight, compact clip-on instrument tuner for electric guitars, acoustic guitars, violins, banjos and other string instruments. It weighs less than 2 ounces and runs on a CR2032 coin cell battery. The PT10 does not use wires or a microphone to hear the instrument you are tuning; it feels the note through vibrations. This means the PT10 is accurate even when you have distracting background noises in the room. The backlit LCD screen makes the PT10 easy to read even in low light environments.

Step 01

Push open the clip and attach the PT10 tuner to the handle of your string instrument.

Step 11

Press the button on the right side of the device to turn it on.

Step 21

Play a string softly.

Step 31

Read the LCD screen on the PC10 tuner and adjust the pitch on your instrument accordingly. If the indicator points near the center of the tuning line and the screen is green, the pitch is in tune. If the indicator points to the right and the screen is red, the pitch is sharp. If the indicator points to the left and the screen is red, the pitch is flat.