How to Use Groupon Bucks

By Lawrence Adams

Groupon is a popular coupon website that offers opportunities for you to receive discounts of more than 50 percent at local restaurants, spas, museums and other attractions. If enough people purchase the daily Groupon coupon, everyone receives the deal. If there are too few buyers, Groupon does not charge your credit card or give you the coupon. Referring friends and family members to Groupon allows you to earn Groupon Bucks, which you can use toward a future Groupon deal. Earning and using Groupon Bucks is an easy process that helps you save money on experiences in your city.

Step 1

Create a Groupon account. Enter your email address and location. Choose the closest largest city or area with a Groupon market.

Step 2

Click on the "Refer Friends" link at the top of the page. This brings you to a page containing a unique referral link. People must use this link to create a new Groupon account for you to earn Groupon Bucks.

Step 3

Click the "Share It On Facebook" or "Tweet It" links to share your unique Groupon referral link with your social network. This posts a message about Groupon to your Facebook friends or Twitter followers.

Step 4

Make a list of friends, family members and acquaintances who do not currently use Groupon. Target these individuals with personalized emails that encourage them to click on your unique referral link and create a new account.

Step 5

Check your Groupon Bucks balance. Click "My Gifts" in the upper right corner of the Groupon homepage to find out how many Groupon Bucks you have earned.

Step 6

Use your Groupon Bucks by making a new Groupon purchase. Buy a Groupon coupon that interests you. Your Groupon Bucks are automatically applied to this purchase. Any remaining balance is held until your next purchase.

Tips & Warnings

  • Groupon occasionally offers special promotions that allow you to earn Groupon Bucks faster. Monitor your Groupon emails for details.
  • You do not earn Groupon Bucks until the person you refers makes her first Groupon purchase. Thus, you may not receive rewards until weeks or months after you refer a friend.