How to Use Invisible Text With Craigslist

By Jill Lee

Using invisible text on Craigslist enables you to post your ad multiple times without triggering the duplicate-ad filter. Although users won't see your text when they click on your ad, they will be able to read it if they highlight the page or press "Ctrl" and "A." This may cause some users to flag your content as spam or ignore your postings, so use invisible text with caution to prevent your ad from being removed or to avoid further consequences, such as a restriction or ban on your Craigslist account. Using invisible text may also cause your listing to be removed from search engine results, because many search engines consider hidden text to be a spamming tactic.

Step 1

Enter your ad content in the main text box when you create your Craigslist ad.

Step 2

Type the HTML tag "" without the quotation marks after you enter the text you want visible.

Step 3

Enter the text you want to appear invisible after the HTML tag. This causes the text to appear the same color as the background on Craigslist, making it invisible until it is highlighted.

Step 4

Enter a closing HTML tag if you wish to add additional visible text after the invisible text. Type "" without the quotation marks and enter the text you want to be visible after the closing tag.