How to Use Iphone Tethering

By Techwalla Contributor

The Apple iPhone connects to the Internet through both Wi-Fi and cellular signals. You can share your iPhone's cellular signal with a personal computer or other mobile device through a process known as tethering. Beginning with iPhone 4, users can designate the iPhone as a "Personal Hotspot," allowing Internet access to other devices through the iPhone cellular network. Tethering requires enrollment in an optional plan from the cellular service provider.

Things You'll Need

  • Iphone 3G

Step 1

Turn on the iPhone. Tap "Settings" on the home screen, followed by "General," "Network" and "Personal Hotspot."

Step 2

Turn on "Personal Hotspot." If you have not already set up Personal Hotspot capability with your iPhone service provider, you are prompted to do so before going any further.

Step 3

Connect the iPhone to a computer or other mobile device using WI-Fi, USB-to-dock connector cable or Bluetooth. For a Wi-Fi connection, select iPhone from the list of available networks on your computer or other device and enter your Wi-Fi password. As an alternative, connect the iPhone to the computer using a data cable. Within the computer network service settings, choose iPhone. On PC systems, use the network control panel to select and set up the iPhone connection. The Bluetooth connection option requires you turn on Bluetooth on the iPhone. Open the "Settings" application and click on "General." Select "Bluetooth." Turn on the Bluetooth feature on the phone. Activate Bluetooth on the computer from the menu bar. The two devices should pair automatically. If not, on the computer, select "Browse Devices" from the Bluetooth menu to locate the iPhone connection.

Step 4

Verify you have a successful connection. A blue band appears across the top of the iPhone screen during tethering and remains on the screen the entire time you use iPhone tethering.