How to Use iPhone Visual Voicemail

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

Of the many convenient and cutting edge features of Apple's new iPhone, visual voicemail might be one of the most useful and intuitive. Visual voicemail allows you to immediately scroll through your voicemail messages by using the visual interface of the iPhone instead of working through an audio voicemail menu. To use this remarkable feature follow these steps.

Step 1

Set up visual voicemail. To start, you need to set up the feature by creating a password and greeting. Tap your "Voicemail" icon on the iPhone. If it's the first time you're tapping this icon, the phone automatically prompts you to create a greeting and password. To change your greeting, tap "Voicemail" then "Custome" and then "Greeting" to make a new greeting.

Step 2

Check your voicemail. When someone leaves you a voicemail message a small number surrounded by a red circle appears at the top right hand corner of the green "Voicemail" icon. To listen to the voicemail messages tap the the "Voicemail" icon on the iPhone. This will take you to your missed calls screen. Voicemail messages are indicated by a small blue dot to the left side of the missed callers number or name.

Step 3

Listen to voicemail. To hear any one of your voicemail messages just tap the little blue dot to the left of the caller's information. Once the message begins to play the little blue dot becomes a pause button. Tap the pause icon to pause the message. If you pause the message the pause icon becomes a play icon that you can tap to resume the voicemail message.

Step 4

Delete the message or return the call. In addition to the small blue button icon you also have a rectangular green "Call Back" icon, a red "Delete" icon and a playback bar, all at the bottom of the visual interface. To return that call right away just tap the "Call Back" button. To delete a message, tap that message and then tap "Delete." While you are listening to a message drag the silver circle on the playback bar to skip ahead or rewind back to a different part of the voicemail message.