How to Use One Cable Box for Two Rooms

By Nicholas Briano

Most cable boxes provided by regional cable companies do have multiple output jacks that allow two televisions to share one cable box and watch different channels. It's possible to split the connection from one cable box to multiple televisions and still be able to watch the same channel, however. This can be done using a coaxial cable splitter, also known as a Y splitter.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 coaxial cables
  • Y cable splitter

Step 1

Determine where each television will be located and which set will be the main television with the cable box. Measure the distance from the cable box to the additional television in the other room. A coaxial cable will have to be run from the splitter to the back of that television. Therefore, it must be long enough.

Step 2

Plug the cable wire into the input jack of the cable box. Connect the short coaxial cable provided to you by the cable company into the cable box's output jack. This is the cable that will connect to the splitter.

Step 3

Connect the splitter to the unoccupied end of the coaxial cable that is connected to the rear of the cable box. With the splitter attached take another coaxial cable and connect it to one of the two splitter ports and then connect the other end to the main television's cable input jack.

Step 4

Take the long coaxial cable that you had to measure and run it from the other splitter port to the back of the additional television as well. Depending on the distance between the two television sets, you may want to use a staple gun to tack the cable along the baseboards or around a door frame. Each television will display what the cable box is tuned to. This solution is ideal for someone who may live alone and just want his one cable connection in multiple rooms.