How to Use Time Warner DVR

By Julia Thomas

Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) have changed the way people watch television. People no longer have to watch a show at the time the show is scheduled to run on any network. USA Today describes the phenomenon as "time-shifting." The article explains that "The Office," an NBC show and one of the leaders in this movement, has a 28 percent time-shifted audience of people who watch the program at a time other than its air time (see reference 1). Learn the way a Time Warner DVR works, and you can view the shows you want, when you want.

Step 1

Use the guide to find the program you want to record. Press the Cable (CBL) button. Press the Guide button. Search through the guide by using the up and down arrows for different channels and the side to side arrows for different time slots.

Step 2

Press Select when you have found the desired program. Use the up and down arrows to choose to record the show or the entire series. When you choose Record with Options, you can set the time for a few minutes before and/or after the show. The number of shows you can record with a Time Warner DVR depends on whether it is an HD-DVR, what type of image and sound data is being recorded, and the model of the DVR.

Step 3

Press List to see the titles of the programs you have recorded. Move up or down to find the program you want to watch. Press the Select button. Choose Play to view your movie or show. Use the Fast Forward (FF) and Rewind buttons when you want to skip ahead or replay parts of the program. When you are finished viewing the show, press the Stop button and choose to delete the program, save it, restart it, or resume play.

Step 4

Manage your recordings by looking to the menu at the bottom of the screen when you press List. Series Manager allows you to choose to cancel a series you no longer want to record, decide on options like start and end times, and set priorities among all the programs you have set to record. When there's a conflict, the two programs with the highest priorities will be recorded, and the recording of any other selected programs will be canceled for that time slot.

Step 5

Press the FF or Rewind buttons to move forward and back on live TV. To see the action frame by frame, press the Stop button and the Fast Forward or Rewind button. Each time you press the FF or Rewind button, the action will move one more frame forward or back. Press Record, while on a desired channel and time, to record live TV. The DVR will capture everything after you turned to the program, up to one hour before you pressed Record. Press the double vertical lines to pause live TV and Play to resume watching the program.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can watch and record one program and record another at the same time, or record two programs at a time and watch a program off your recorded list. You cannot, however, record two shows and watch a third.
  • Turn off the DVR box when it's not in use to lengthen its life.
  • Make sure the DVR is well-ventilated to prevent overheating.

References & Resources