How to Use Your Macbook As a DVD Player With Your TV

By Lynndee Marooney

Apple MacBooks bring a new dimension to watching TV. No longer do you need to make sure you have a DVD player attached to your TV, you can connect your Macbook to your TV using the built in external monitor port (DVI) on your Macbook and use the built-in DVD player to view movies on your TV. Using a DVI to VGA adapter will transfer the image to your TV.

Step 1

Plug in the VGA end of the DVI-to-VGA cable into the back of your TV. If you are uncertain which side is the VGA end, look at both ends of the cable, your TV will not have an option to plug in the DVI portion of the cable. Your TV will only have a space for the VGA connector. If your TV does not have a VGA port, you will need to purchase an adapter to provide you with a VGA connector. Visit your local computer store to purchase an adapter that will work for your TV. Write down the name or description of the ports you have available on your TV to help the store clerk locate the proper adapter.

Step 2

Look on the side of your MacBook for the DVI port. Attach the DVI-to-VGA cable to the computer. Turn the TV on and turn on your MacBook. Your MacBook will automatically sense the connection of the DVI cable.

Step 3

Turn your TV to the channel you use to play DVDs from a DVD player. If you are unsure, change your channel to 4 and then continue to change the channel down; this may bring you to a video option. Depending on your TV, you may have video set-up on channel 4 or 3, AUX or VIDEO. When changing the channels, you will go from 4 to 3 to 2 to 1 to AUX to VIDEO and then back to a higher number. If this doesn't work, consult your user's manual for the TV to find your options to view videos.

Step 4

Go back to your MacBook and put your DVD into the DVD tray and start the movie. The movie will be displayed on your TV screen.

Tips & Warnings

  • Purchase a DVI to VGA adaptor at your local computer supply store or office supply store.

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