How to View Videos From an iPhone to the TV

By Art Corvelay

The iPhone has a multi-touch screen interface that displays video. You can also watch content from your iPhone on your TV. Connecting your iPhone to your TV requires the correct connection cable and a few changes to the video output settings on your iPhone.

Things You'll Need

  • Apple composite AV cable

Step 1

Connect the iPhone end of the Apple composite AV cable into your iPhone. This end will plug into the bottom of the iPhone and not the headphone jack.

Step 2

Connect the opposite end of the Apple composite AV cable into your televisions audio and video input slots. The yellow cable sends video data and the red and white cables send audio data.

Step 3

Change the input display on your television to the setting your iPhone is connected to.

Step 4

Change video output settings on your iPhone so that the video will be displayed on your TV. Click the "Settings" icon and then click "iPod." Scroll down and choose the TV out settings. You can turn "Widescreen" on or off and choose a TV signal. You can choose between "NTSC" and "PAL." These are different TV formats. Leave the setting on "NTSC" if you are not sure which format your TV supports.

Step 5

Play a video file on your iPod. Click the "iPod" icon in your dock and select "Videos." Select a video.

Tips & Warnings

  • Update your iPhone's firmware if you have not done so recently. You must have firmware later than the 1.1.1 release. To do this, launch iTunes and plug your iPhone into your computer. Click on the iPhone icon in the left column and the "Summary" page will appear. Click the "Check for updates" button. You will be able to download and install updates from this menu.