How to Watch Downloads From iTunes on TV

Apple's iTunes is a free application that allows you to download movies, television programs and music for a fee. iTunes consists of two components: the iTunes store and the iTunes player. The only method to watch downloaded television programs and movies on your television is to purchase Apple TV. Apple TV retails for $99 as of 2010 and acts an intermediary between your television and iTunes. Apple TV must be connected directly to your television and the Internet.

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Connect your Apple TV receiver to your Internet router via an Ethernet cord. Alternatively, you can connect Apple TV via a wireless connection if your router is capable of broadcasting a wireless signal.


Connect your Apple TV receiver to your television via an HDMI cord. Plug in your Apple TV receiver to a power outlet.


Turn on the Apple TV receiver with the remote. Enter your iTunes login name and password to access your purchased movies and television shows. Click the movie or show from the Apple TV menu to play the iTunes content on your television.

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