iPhone Screen Tips You Can Really Use

The iPhone -- or any smartphone, for that matter -- is an intensely personal device, one that occupies our attention throughout the day. And what are we staring at for all those hours? The screen, of course! So take care of it. We've assembled our most popular screen-oriented tips for the iPhone -- from usability tweaks to repair advice -- to help you focus on the important stuff.

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1. How to Calibrate an iPhone Screen

The iPhone has a collection of tools for adjusting display brightness, touchscreen sensitivity, and its many motion detectors. The device may even nudge you when the accelerometer, gyro, magnetometer and other sensors.

iPhone Compass App
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2. How to Take a Screenshot With an iPhone

Come on, I know how to ... hey, wait a minute! How do I capture what's on the screen and save it as an image file? If you're stumped, .

Screen capture with an iPhone
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3. Help, My iPhone Screen Won't Rotate!

Isn't it supposed to rotate automatically based on how I'm holding it? Usually, yes, but this feature can become disabled without your knowledge. It's a snap to , though.

iPhone Control Center
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4. How to Replace or Fix an iPhone with a Broken Screen

It's waaay too easy to crack or shatter an iPhone screen, particularly if you're one to live dangerously and go without a protective case. If your screen's in shambles, fear not -- no need to rush out and buy a new handset. , including DIY kits, local and online repair services, and the Apple Store, of course.

Shattered iPhone screen
credit: iFixit

5. How Do I Change Fonts on the iPhone?

This one's a little tricky because you can't change the fonts used throughout iOS. You can, however, , such as iBooks or iWorks, and make system-wide changes in font size -- a boon for habitual squinters.

iPhone font selection
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6. How to Get Scratches Off an iPhone

The iPhone's glass display is fairly durable. But without a screen protector, you're bound to see a scratch or two over time. Try these handy tips to .

Get scratches off an iPhone

7. How to Clean the Sticky Side of a Screen Protector

A screen protector guards the iPhone's display from scratches, smudges, dirt, and fingerprints. It gets dirty over time, though, specifically the adhesive underbelly, which can be a magnet for lint and hair. Here's how .

Screen protector
credit: Tech Armor

8. What To Do If Your iPhone Screen Goes Black?

Beware the Black Screen of Death! If your iPhone stays dark after you turn it on, all hope isn't lost. Assuming you haven't mistreated it -- say, an unexpected swim -- a could bring it back to its normal state.

iPhone screen goes black
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