Is There a Way to Block Numbers on My Motorola Razr Phone?

By Maya Walker

You can block incoming calls from unwanted callers to your Motorola Razr mobile phone by adjusting your security settings. Adjusting the settings allows you to only accept calls from people who are saved to your Motorola Razr's address book. When a call comes in from someone not in your address book, the phone does not even ring. The built-in feature is free to use, and you can enable or disable it at any time.

Step 1

Press the "Menu" key and click "Settings."

Step 2

Click "Security" and enter your four-digit lock code. The lock code is either the last four digits of the account holder's Social Security number or "0000."

Step 3

Click "Limit Use" and "Restrict Incoming Calls."

Step 4

Click "Except Contacts" and press the back key.

Tips & Warnings

  • Carriers such as Sprint and T-Mobile offer number blocking for specific numbers. Contact your mobile service provider to determine the fees for using call blocker.