Jango Troubleshooting

By Maya Walker

Jango is a free-to-use Internet radio application that does not require users to download any software. Occasionally, you may experience problems with your Jango player; however, many problems you can troubleshoot and fix on your own without contacting technical support. Problems such as a frozen player or a delay in the next song playing may be resolved with minor troubleshooting. You can also resolve problems including an inability to access the player in your Web browser.

Step 1

Ensure your Web browser meets the basic requirements for using Jango if you are unable to access the site or the music does not play. For Windows-based computer, Internet Explorer 6 and higher or Mozilla Firefox 1.5 and higher are required. Download the newest versions if not installed.

Step 2

Press "F5" on your computer to refresh your music player if the music stops or skips. Alternatively, you can right-click anywhere in the Web browser and click "Refresh."

Step 3

Close the Web browser and restart it if the screen freezes while trying to use the Jango player. Press "CTtrl + Alt + Del" if the screen continues to be unresponsive and then click "Start Task Manager." Click the browser in the list of programs currently running, then click "End Task."

Step 4

Click "Stop," then click "Play" if the next song does not automatically load in the Jango player. Refresh the Web page if it continues not to play.

Step 5

Close any applications or downloads that may have an affect on the amount of available bandwidth. A slower Internet connection may cause your player to become unresponsive or cause delays.

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