My HTC Sense Stopped Unexpectedly

The HTC Sense user interface -- or UI for short -- comes with HTC smartphones running on Android and Windows operating systems. A known issue with the Sense UI is that it can crash or stop suddenly. Clearing data or resetting the phone should get the device working correctly again.

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Potential Causes

Deleting some of your old home screens may "confuse" the Sense when it loads, forcing it to load in a loop. The only option left is to force close the launcher. Another potential cause is a buggy app or widget. If you have recently downloaded an app or widget to your HTC phone, this may be the reason your Sense shuts down unexpectedly. Widgets, in particular, tend to run processes in the background, even if you don't consciously open them.

Soft Reset

A soft reset is the simplest solution when troubleshooting the HTC Sense phone; therefore, execute it first. To perform a soft reset, power the phone down and leave it turned off for several seconds. Remove the battery for a moment, and then reinsert the battery and turn the phone back on. If performing a soft reset doesn't fix your problem, try performing a factory reset.

Clear Data

Clearing the Sense's data on your HTC phone should get rid of the problem. This is because it refreshes the Sense and helps embed the new settings. To clear the Sense's data, press the Search button after starting the phone. Type "Settings" into the search bar, and then select Settings from the list of results. Select Applications followed by Manage Applications, then HTC Sense and finally Clear Data. Press the Home button to return to the main screen. The default widgets, apps and wallpaper that came with your phone should now display on the home screen. However, the apps, text messages and pictures that you have stored on your phone should be safe.

Factory Reset

Performing a factory reset is the last resort for troubleshooting the Sense UI error. This will erase all your apps, text messages, contacts and photos. However, the reset will most likely fix the problem because it will eliminate all third party apps and widgets, as well as reset any altered settings that may have caused the error. To perform a factory reset, press the Search button after starting the phone. Type "Settings" into the search bar, and then select Settings from the list of results. Press Security next, followed by Factory Data Reset. Follow the on-screen prompts to finish resetting your phone.

See a Professional

If you have performed a soft reset, cleared your Sense's data and performed a factory reset to no avail, then you may have to take your phone in to a professional for service and repair. Even though the unexpected crash error is most likely the cause of a third party app or widget, deeper firmware or hardware issue might be the source of the problem.

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