My Verizon Phone Won't Activate When I Call the Number

Several mistakes may prevent you from successfully activating your Verizon Wireless cellphone via the phone, some of which are easily resolvable. Verizon Wireless offers customers multiple options for cellphone activation, so if activation is ultimately unsuccessful over the phone, use the Internet to activate the phone or visit a Verizon wireless retail store.

Rules for Phone Activation

If you want to activate a Verizon wireless phone via the phone, you must do so from a cellular handset or landline other than the Verizon phone. This is because the Verizon phone must be powered off when it gets activated. If you don't have another phone available, you must use an alternate method to activate your Verizon Wireless cellphone.

Necessary Information

No matter which method you use the activate the Verizon handset, you must have the phone's IMEI or ESN serial number -- different phones use different types of serial numbers, all of which are always printed underneath the phone battery -- ready. If you don't have this information, you aren't able to activate the phone.

Online Activation

One alternative for activating a phone is via Verizon's website. After putting the phone's serial number into the field on the site, you provide Verizon with your personal information, location data and then select the monthly service plan you want to use with the device. Make sure to keep your phone powered off until after activation is complete, then power it back on.

Retail Store Activation

If you live nearby a Verizon Wireless retail location, the easiest way to activate the phone is by visiting the store in person. If you do this, a Verizon representative activates the phone for you while you wait. Afterwards, he can walk you through available service options and help you find the one that best meets your mobile service needs.