Problems With Blu-Ray Not Reading

For those who are looking to have a high-end entertainment system in the home, a Blu-Ray player will most likely be high on their wish lists. If you already have a Blu-Ray player and are having issues getting the disc to play, there are a few reasons for this. Many of the problems are easy to identify, and you can fix a couple of them with minimal effort.

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Scratched or Chipped Discs

While advances in disc-based storage have helped to counter the effects of physical damage to a CD, such as that of a Blu-Ray disc, if a Blu-Ray disc has enough damage on the shiny underside that is read by the Blu-Ray player, the player will fail to read the data on the disc. While most Blu-Ray discs and Blu-Ray players will be able to read discs with surface scratches, deeper scratches or chips in the disc will make the Blu-Ray disc unplayable.

Dirty Discs

While a scratched or chipped Blu-Ray disc is both unreadable and unsalvageable, many times a Blu-Ray disc is simply dirty. Smudges on the shiny underside from fingerprints and dust deflect the laser that reads the data off the disc, making the disc difficult to read. You can fix this with a soft, damp cloth that you use to slowly and gently clean the Blu-Ray disc. Once cleaned and dried, the Blu-Ray disc will be able to be read by the Blu-Ray player once again.

Dirty Reader

A laser eye that has dust particles resting on it can result in an inability to properly read the data on a Blu-Ray disc. This is a common problem in any disc-based reader, and you can easily fix it through the use of an optical disc drive laser eye cleaner. This is a simple device that, in actuality, is a blank compact disc with small, soft brush bristles on it to gently wipe away the dust particles and allow the laser to clearly read the disc.

Mechanical Failure

Sometimes the inability of a Blu-Ray player to read a Blu-Ray disc is the result of a mechanical error inside the Blu-Ray player. This can range from electrical errors resulting in shorts leading to the laser reader, to motor problems that prevent the disc from spinning. These issues are sometimes crippling to the player and often result in the user being forced to send the Blu-Ray player to the manufacturer for repairs.

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