Samsung Vs. Toshiba LED

Samsung’s family of LED TVs is comprised of some 54 different models, as of the date of publication. Toshiba’s family of LED TVs is comprised of some 33 different models. Both manufacturers sell standard high-definition LED and 3D-capable LED models. Specifications vary significantly from model to model. The UN55D6000 and 55SL417U are similarly-equipped models from Samsung and Toshiba, respectively.

Size and Price

The Samsung UN55D6000 measures 49.1 inches wide, 31.7 inches tall and 10.8 inches thick, from the front to the back of its stand. It weighs 48.9 lbs. The Toshiba 55SL417U is slightly larger, measuring 49.8 inches wide, 33.1 inches tall and 14.2 inches deep, from the front to the back of its stand. It is slightly heavier than the Samsung TV as well, weighing in at 54.7 lbs. The UN55D6000 has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of around $2,000, while the 55SL417U has an MSRP of around $1,500.

Video and Audio

Both LED TVs have diagonal screen sizes of 55 inches and native resolutions of 1,920 by 1,080 pixels. The UN55D6000 and 55SL417U also have identical maximum refresh rates of 120Hz. Neither LED TV is capable of displaying 3D video, though both manufacturers sell 55-inch models with 3D capabilities.

For audio, Samsung equips the UN55D6000 with a pair of down-firing speakers with 15 watts of output power each, for a combined total of 30 watts. The 55SL417U has a pair of 10-watt speakers, for a combined total of 20 watts.

Inputs and Outputs

Both the Samsung UN55D6000 and the Toshiba 55SL417U have four HDMI jacks. The Samsung TV has three USB ports, while the Toshiba TV has two. Both have Ethernet ports and onboard Wi-Fi capabilities for accessing the Internet or local area networks. Additional inputs and outputs on the Samsung TV include one component input, one composite input, one DVI audio input, a PC mini jack input, D-sub input, miniature audio output and an optical digital audio output. Additional inputs and outputs on the Toshiba TV include one Colorstream component video port and one 15-pin D-sub jack.

Additional Information

The Samsung UN55D6000 and Toshiba 55SL417U can both be mounted on a wall via 400-by-400 VESA adapters, which are sold separately. The Samsung TV comes with a universal remote control and one component AV cable, while the Toshiba TV comes with a universal remote. Additional features of the Samsung TV include smartphone remote support, picture-in-picture capabilities, a games mode and sleep timer. The Toshiba TV also features a sleep timer, in addition to a built-in channel browser, onboard input labeling, a video-gaming mode and Toshiba’s proprietary Dynalight dynamic backlight control. Both LED TVs have ENERGY STAR certification.