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The Apple iPhone is a smartphone and media player rolled into one. This device allows you to manage your contacts, calendars, email messages, text messages and phone list from one device. This information is then synced to and from your personal computer to back up against information loss. Your iPhone comes with settings options that allow you to customize the device to fit your specific needs. These settings are located inside the Settings application.

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Types of iPhone Messages

Your iPhone is a message powerhouse with the capability to get text messages, email messages and voice mails all on one device. Each one of these message features has its own settings to customize your iPhone experience. These settings include how often your phone checks for messages, notification options, preview alerts and passwords for security protection.

Voice Mail

Open up the Settings application on your iPhone to access your voice mail settings. Your voice mail settings are located inside the Phone settings. From this settings list, you can change your voice mail password. A password is used to protect against unauthorized access to your messages.

Open up the Phone application to access additional voice mail settings. In the bottom-right corner is the "Voicemail" icon. From here you can change your greeting type. You can use the default greeting, or you can record a custom greeting.


Open up the Settings application on your iPhone to access your email settings. Your email settings are located under the Mail, Contacts, Calendars settings. From this settings screen, you can set how often you want your email checked. You can also personalize your email settings by choosing how many lines you want to preview, minimum font size and whether you want to be prompted for confirmation before deleting an email. From this screen you can also set up a signature for your email account and set which email account you want to be your default email.


Open up the Settings application on your iPhone to access your text message settings. Your text message settings are located under the Messages settings. From this setting screen, you can choose whether you want a preview of your text message shown. You can toggle multimedia messages on or off. You can also choose to add a subject field to your text messages from here. If your data carrier limits the amount of characters per text message, you can turn on the character count to know how close you are to splitting up your text.

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