Sylvania TV Troubleshooting

Sylvania is a well-known brand of televisions, both new and old. Whether it's an electrical or connection problem, or a problem with another device, there are ways to troubleshoot and repair your Sylvania TV.

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Electrical Problems

The most obvious problem when a Sylvania TV isn't working could be a worn-out remote. If your remote doesn't turn on your TV, or it's behaving erratically, remove and replace the batteries. If your TV still doesn't work, ensure the outlet or power strip is working properly. Try plugging other devices into the outlet, and confirm that they work. If none of these tips solve your problem, your Sylvania television may have a problem with its power supply. This will require professional repair, so call your local Sylvania dealer or trusted electronics repair shop.

Check Your Connections

If you're having trouble with your audio or video, or it's behaving strangely, check the connections on the back of the TV. Make sure the cables are plugged securely into their respective input jacks. If the cables look old or won't stay in, it's time to replace them. Always buy high-quality, thick audio/video cables. These will stay plugged in better and are less prone to electrical interference.

Check Your Cable Signal

A three-way cable splitter reduces signal strength significantly

If you experience audio and video interference with your Sylvania television, it may not be the TV's fault. Sometimes, weak incoming cable signals cause pixelation and audio interruption. Sometimes the picture will go out for extended periods, which requires a call to your cable company. They can measure the strength of your cable signal and offer solutions. Another quick way to increase your cable signal strength is to reduce the amount of cable splitters in your home, as these divide the cable signal in half every time they're used.

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