Telus Voicemail Instructions

By Adam Parker

Telus offers a robust and full-featured voice mail system for its mobile subscribers. Users are able to retrieve, send and save voice mail messages on the Telus network. In addition, users have access to advanced options to control the voice mail system preferences for how many times the phone will ring, or if the network forwards calls to voice mail.

Things You'll Need

  • Telus mobile phone

Step 1

Set up the voice mailbox. Dial "*98" from your Telus mobile phone. You will enter the Telus voice mail setup. During this setup, voice prompts will guide you through password creation, name recording and personal message recording. The voice mailbox is ready for use after completion.

Step 2

Retrieve messages. Dial "*98" from your mobile phone and enter your password when prompted. New messages will begin to play. Press "1" to replay a message, "7" to delete a message and "9" to save a message.

Step 3

Send messages to other Telus subscribers. Dial "*98" on your mobile phone and enter your password. From the main voice mail menu, press "2" to record a new message, and then press "#" when finished. Enter the destination number of the Telus subscriber and press "#" to send. As of 2010, Telus charges a $0.10 fee for each message sent.

Step 4

Adjust the number of rings before the network forwards calls to voice mail. Dial "*94" on your mobile phone. Listen for the dial tone, and then enter the number, between two and nine, of how many times the phone should ring before going to voice mail. The system will emit two beeps to signal that the change was successful.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can access your voice mail account from a normal landline phone by dialing 416-623-3322. Long distance charges may apply.

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