Oculus Rift

Photo credit: Oculus


There's something to be said for being first. Though a slew of Google Cardboard-like smartphone-based VR headsets has long been available, Oculus Rift is the first PC-based "tethered" VR head-mounted display to ship to customers, beating the HTC Vive by several months. The headset gained notoriety first as a record-setting Kickstarter and then later when Facebook paid $2B to purchase the company. Rift features a 2160x1200 OLED screen and built-in headphones wrapped in a black fabric frame. The basic package comes with several bundled games, a wireless Xbox One controller, and small room sensors that track head movement to create an immersive 3D environment. Oculus will later release a pair of dedicated hand controllers called Oculus Touch, which will be available at additional cost.

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