The AT&T DVR Will Not Record

Recording a program on your AT&T U-Verse total home DVR typically only requires pressing the "Record" button on your U-Verse remote or receiver; however, problems with your equipment may prevent you from recording your favorite television programs, movies or sporting events. There are several factors that can impact your U-Verse DVR, including the connections between your equipment, the need for your equipment to be reset or exceeding the amount of recordings allowable at one time.

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Checking Connections

Check the connections on your residential gateway, total home DVR and other U-Verse receivers. A loose connection may cause problems with recording and playback features on your DVR. Check the power supply, HDMI cables and other audio or video connections between your equipment and televisions. The U-Verse residential gateway communicates wirelessly with your U-Verse receivers and should be stored in an area where its wireless signal can easily reach your other equipment. Storing the residential gateway in a closed area, such as an enclosed entertainment center, may cause problems with your DVR's functionality.

Scheduling Conflicts

Check your scheduled recordings to ensure that there are no recording conflicts preventing a show from recording. Press the "Menu" button on your U-Verse remote or receiver, then navigate to "Recordings" and select "Scheduled" to display scheduled and active recordings. Recordings that have time conflicts will have an "X" next to them, indicating that this recording is not valid. While AT&T boasts that you can record up to four programs at once, the U-verse DVR only supports two simultaneous high-definition recordings.In the event that you attempt to record more than two HD programs in the same time span, you will receive a prompt asking you to choose an alternate recording time or switch your recording to a standard-definitoin source.

Recording Space

If your DVR is full, or approaching its storage capacity, you may not be able to record any additional programming until you clear space from your DVR. Navigate to the Recordings menu, then select "Recording Space." If your DVR is full,or approaching capacity, press "Back" then select "Browse Recordings" to select recordings to delete. Select a recording, then press "OK" and select "Erase" to delete recordings taking up space on your DVR.

Restarting Your Equipment

Performing a power cycle of your AT&T Equipment may solve connection problems preventing your DVR from recording. Unplug your DVR, U-verse receivers and residential gateway from their power supply and leave them unplugged for at least ten-seconds. Plug all of your U-verse equipment back in, starting with the residential gateway, then attempt to schedule another recording. If you continue to have problems, contact U-Verse support to have a technician exam your connection and determine if further action needs to be taken.

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