The Battery Won't Charge in My Fujifilm FinePix J10

By Kallie Johnson

A Fujifilm FinePix J10 is a digital camera powered by a rechargeable Fuji NP-45 battery pack. If the battery won't charge, simple troubleshooting can help you determine whether you are charging the battery correctly or whether the battery or the battery charger is not working correctly and should be replaced.

Step 1

Open the battery compartment by sliding the battery cover away from the camera.

Step 2

Lift the battery latch upward, while tilting the camera downward, until the battery slides out of the battery compartment.

Step 3

Position the rechargeable battery pack to enter the charging device. The indicator arrow on the battery pack should be facing upward and pointing toward the back of the charging unit. the battery contacts should be facing downward and should enter the charger first. Slide the battery pack into the charging unit.

Step 4

Connect the battery charger to a power source. Plug the power adapter into the outlet on the bottom of the charger. Ensure the cord is snug inside the charger. Insert the other end into an electrical outlet.

Step 5

The battery charging indicator light is located to the side of the battery and indicates whether the battery is charging. If the light is orange, the battery is charging. If the light is blinking or flashing orange, the battery is not connected properly. Remove the battery from the charger and place it back in the charger. If the indicator light is not displaying any color, the battery is not charging. This could be because the charger is not receiving power, or because the battery is already charged. If the battery is not charged and the light will not turn on, replace the battery charger.

Step 6

When the battery indicator light goes out, indicating the battery is charged, lift the battery to remove it from the charger. Slide the battery back into the battery housing unit. Shut the battery compartment door. If the battery did not charge or is not holding a charge, it needs to be replaced.

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