The Camera Mode Does Not Work on My Cell Phone

The camera mode on your cellphone may occasionally stop working. When this occurs, you can troubleshoot the issue before contacting technical support or buying a new phone. An issue such as the phone's memory card can lead to the camera failing to launch. If the phone does not work after troubleshooting, contact your provider.

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A new memory card may repair a camera mode issue.

Soft Reset

When your camera fails on your cellphone, a soft reset might resolve the issue. A soft reset does not affect your phone's data or settings. You can reset your phone by pulling the battery from it without turning it off. Leave the battery out of your phone for one minute before placing it back in the phone. Turn on your phone and wait for it to load before to use the camera mode again.

Memory Card

In some cases, if your cellphone's camera does not work, it could be the result of an issue with your memory card. If the card is incorrectly inserted, the camera mode may fail. Remove your phone's memory card and ensure that it is correctly inserted. Depending on the phone, the memory card is located on the side of the phone or under the battery cover. Use the arrows on the card as a guide to how to correctly insert the card.

Update Phone

An update of your cellphone may fix an issue with the camera mode. Occasionally, the developers of a phone will release updates for identified issues. By updating your cellphone, you are ensuring that your device has the latest software needed to function at its best. Updates are usually available to download over-the-air to your phone. Open the settings on your phone and click on the updates for your phone. After updating, attempt to access the camera mode again.

Restore Phone

In rare instances, you may need to restore your phone to resolve a problem with the camera mode. Restoring your phone is a step that you should only consider if other troubleshooting steps has failed. When you restore it, all of the phone's data is erased and the settings are reset to default. If you opt to restore your phone, back up the data you want to keep. The option to restore is often found in the phone's settings menu.

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