The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is Officially Dead, and Twitter "Blows Up" Over It

Twitter fans the flames. So to speak.

By Jill Layton

Samsung has officially killed the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Well technically, the Samsung 7 killed itself by spontaneous combustion. But Samsung permanently ended production of the popular phone following dozens of dangerous battery explosions.

Considering that the phone may explode without warning, causing fires and related chaos, Samsung's decision to end production makes sense. (Be sure to stop using yours, if you have one, and return it for a refund right away.)

These Phones Really Do Burst Into Flame Without Warning

Check out this home security video footage, for example, of a Galaxy Note 7 that chose to end its own life in the middle of the night.

Samsung tried to fix the first batch of faulty Galaxy Note 7 handsets by replacing them with updated versions, but some of those phones malfunctioned, too. Now Samsung has pulled the plug on the entire ill-fated model.

If You Have a Note 7, Return It Immediately

Here's a video of a two-week-old Samsung Galaxy Note 7 after it exploded.

Twitter to the Rescue!

But in times of darkness, Twitter is always there to lighten things up. Since news of the demise of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 broke, Twitter has been up in flames about the whole ordeal—illuminating the situation in the best way. People have been posting tweets that are hilarious, clever, and generally entertaining. Even if you happened to own a Galaxy Note 7. Here's a cross-section of timely commentary from the Twitterati.

Some people are are taking extreme precautions to ensure their safety

Though others have noticed  similarities between the Note 7 and current events