Things to Do With an Unused Direct TV Satellite Dish

Got a unused Direct TV satellite dish taking up space or being an eyesore? Don't throw it away or let it sit in your yard--repurpose it. Turn the dish into a fountain, a flower bed or other creative item. With a little time and a few accessories, your unused satellite dish can be brought back to life as something useful.

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A Bird Bath or Outdoor Fountain

One idea for your unused Direct TV satellite dish is to turn it into a bird bath or outdoor fountain. Remove the feed horn (the item sticking out from the dish) from the middle of the dish, fill the hole with concrete or another material that will not absorb water and then fill the dish with water. Place the dish on your patio or attach a stand and place in your yard. To make a fountain, leave the hole in the dish, run a water hose through a stand and then guide the top of the hose through the dish's hole. Adjust the water pressure to produce a fast or slow stream. Add rocks, artificial plants and other decorations to complete your fountain.

A Container In Your Garden or Yard

Use the unused satellite dish as a container in your garden or yard. The dish can hold garden tools, gloves, bags of mulch or other yard/garden supplies. The dish is small enough to carry around the yard—just remove the feed horn. Cover the hold with tape or fill with a small amount of concrete.

A Flower Pot

Another idea, turn the Direct TV satellite dish into a oversized flower pot. Leave the feed horn in place, pour in potting soil, plant your flowers and let them grow up around the feed horn. If you want, paint the dish to match your other flower pots or leave as is.

A Coffee Table Bowl

Create a unusual coffee table bowl--the satellite dish will make for great small talk. Remove the feed horn and place rocks, artificial flowers or other decorative items in the dish and place on your coffee table or other table. Also makes a great centerpiece for a party table. Note—if the dish has been outside in the elements, clean with soap and water before bringing it inside.

A Ice Bucket for Parties

At parties you always need ice—so why not turn the Direct TV satellite dish into a ice bucket? Remove the feed horn, cover the hole with heavy tape and wrap the dish in plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Dump in some ice and place on a table or counter. As the ice gets low or melt, drain and refill.

Sell or Donate the Dish

If you don't want to use the satellite dish in your home or garden, you can post an ad in your local newspaper or online at and sell the item. Or if you know someone who needs a Direct TV satellite dish, donate the dish to them.

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