Time Warner DVR Remote Instructions

By Richard Bonilla

Time Warner Cable's digital video recorder remote allows users to play, pause and record live television. Using a DVR remote, users can set a the player to automatically record a television shows or even a whole series. In addition, users can check their local television broadcasting lineup by using Time Warner's television guide. With a DVR remote, users will have access to Time Warner's "On Demand" feature that allows users to see movies, television shows and programs instantly without commercial interruption.

Step 1

Adjust the channel and volume. To adjust the volume, press the "Vol" up or down buttons colored in blue on the DVR controller. To adjust the channel, select the blue "CH" buttons and press up or down to scroll through the channels. In addition, users can enter a channel's number by pressing the numbered buttons located at the bottom of the DVR remote.

Step 2

Play or pause a live television program. While viewing a program, press the "Play" or "Pause" buttons found in the center of a Time Warner DVR controller to pause and then play a live television broadcast.

Step 3

Record a television program. To record a television program, press the red "Rec" button while the the program is playing. To record a future program, select the "Guide" button and select the television show. Then press "OK" on the DVR remote. Select the "Record" icon to start recording or select the "Record Series" to record a television series. Users can also adjust a recording's settings by selecting the "Wrench" icon from the "Record."

Step 4

Delete a recorded show. Press "Menu" and then select the "DVR'" option. Select "My Recordings" and select a recorded show. Select the "X" button to delete a program.