Trio MP3 Player Instructions

Trio is a type of MP3 player that supports multiple music file types, including MP1, MP2, MP3 and WAV. It has various mode settings as well as the ability to function as a portable flash drive. As soon as you know the basic instructions for your Trio MP3 player, you can start using the device.

Basic Operations

The “Play” button on the front interface of your Trio MP3 player will allow you to both play songs stored on the device as well as turn it on. If you wish to pause a song, you will press the “Play” button while in use. Hold down “Play” for a minimum of three seconds to stop a song while it is playing.

Press the up and down arrow keys in order to adjust the volume to your desired level. Toggle the “Hold” button on the MP3 player to disable all functions. This can prevent volume adjustment and song changing while you are using the Trio on the go. Press the “>>” and “<<” keys to shuffle through song selections on the Trio.

The “Mode” key allows you to access the main menu of your Trio MP3 player. You can make recordings from this menu as well as change the current play mode. Equalizer settings can be adjusted to Normal, Rock, Jazz, Classical, Pop and Bass.

Transferring Music

Your Trio MP3 player does not require specialty software to transfer music. To start, connect the Trio to your computer using the included USB cable. Open “My Computer” once the computer recognizes the hardware. The Trio player will appear as removable disk "E." Select “Open.” Open the folder containing the music files you wish to copy to the Trio player. These files are typically found under “My Music” on your PC. Highlight the song you wish to transfer to the player and select “Copy.” Right click on the empty space in the removable disk "E" folder and choose “Paste.” Once you are finished copying and pasting the files you want on the Trio, disconnect the MP3 player from the computer.