Troubleshooting a Panasonic Projection Screen TV


Troubleshooting a Panasonic Projection Screen TV

One problem that Panasonic projection screen TVs are reported to have more often than regular projection screen TVs is a tendency to overheat. You'll know if your television is overheating by whether it's uncomfortably warm to the touch. Another sign is that it will occasionally turn itself off. This is a serious problem, as having it go unchecked can dramatically shorten the life of the set. Move any secondary devices away from the TV that generate heat of their own, and make sure the air vents on the rear of the unit are not blocked by anything. If the problem persists, contact Panasonic. This is something covered under the manufacturer's warranty.

Signal Problems

If while watching cable television your screen starts to display double images (where a copy of the main image on screen is mostly transparent and visible behind the other picture), it's due to the cable that provides your image signal being unsecured to the input on the back of the TV. If this exact thing happened on most other brands they would drop the signal altogether, but Panasonic projection screen TVs have a history of attempting to decode the partial signal they're getting from the cable that isn't plugged in all the way. A coaxial cable runs from your cable provider to your television; this is how you get your image. If this cable isn't securely fastened, a number of problems, including double imaging, can occur. Make sure the cable is fully plugged in and screwed into the port, and then restart your television.

Chip Problems

If the color on your Panasonic projection screen TV has begun to act up and the dominant color has become red no matter what settings you use, the convergence chips inside the unit are probably starting to fail. Due to the materials used during the manufacturing process, a lot of consumers have reported problems with their convergence chips over the life of their Panasonic projection screen TV. This is an expensive problem to fix. You can try to buy a repair kit from a television repair shop or online to fix the problem yourself, but it's recommended that you contact Panasonic and have it either send out a technician or replace your television under the manufacturer's warranty.