Verizon Text Message Delay Problems

For about three years now, maybe longer, customers of Verizon Wireless have complained about a delay in receiving text messages from other wireless carriers. On the flip side, wireless customers that did not have Verizon complained about a delay in receiving text messages from friends they knew had Verizon.

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Verizon customers across the country are complaining about one aspect with the service: text messaging. For some customers text messaging will be delayed upon receiving text from someone, and outgoing messages from Verizon are delayed for the friends/family receiving the text. There have been many complaints on forum discussions about this, and no real answer. It seems like this may be an issue on Verizon's part, but it could simply be your location.


There is no explanation to the issue. It is always possible that the area that the text is being received from or being sent to is an issue. Maybe there are not many cell phone towers in that area as compared to a more metropolitan place. Another possibility is the time of year. If it is around a holiday, there will be more phone calls and text messaging due to travel and staying in touch with family that it is sure to clog up the network. Also, texts to and from other carriers may cause delays.


Unfortunately, Verizon has not addressed this issue. Other carriers have not directly addressed it either. The only thing that may help, again this is speculation, is being closer to a cell phone tower. This way you can ensure you have good service at least.

Expert Insight

Sascha Segan, a wireless expert with Gearlog, gave some insight into the topic in an article titled, "Are There Delays Sending Text Messages From AT&T to Verizon?" She says, "There are hiccups in the cross-carrier gateways sometimes. I've seen gateways go down for a day at a time between carriers. They're not 100 percent reliable."

In that same article, a Verizon representative, Thomas Pica, said, "Network Operations Center said our gateway with other carriers has been operating normally and that you should check with AT&T to see if they are having problems with their network's gateway."


Just be aware when using Verizon that there have been these ongoing problems. Expect it to happen sometimes. Remember that it is not a permanent issue and will most likely correct itself. If it is an ongoing problem though, contact Verizon customer service to see if there is an underlying network issue in your area just in case.

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