Ways to Send Apps Through a Text Message

By Sara Hickman

Applications, or apps, help you with a variety of day-to-day tasks. When you find one you want to share with others, one way to do so is through a text message. Keep in mind charges may apply to the downloader, and it will cost you a text if sent from your phone.

Share Link

The easiest way to share an app over text is with a built-in button on your phone or computer. Browse your application store from your cellphone provider or through the application creator. Click "Share" and choose "Via Text." Type the 10-digit phone number and send the application link.

Email Link

When browsing applications online, you can use your email to text a link to an application to a friend's phone. Copy the application's location and paste it into the body of the email. Type your friend's 10-digit phone number into the "to" field, followed by the designated domain for his cellphone provider. When complete, click "Send," and the application's link will text to your friend's phone for viewing and possible download.Some provider's emails include: Sprint: @messaging.sprintpcs.comVerizon: @vtext.comT-Mobile: @tmomail.netAT&T: @txt.att.net

Forward Link

If an application is texted to your phone from another person, you can forward this text on to your friends. There's no way to directly text an app to a phone, but the link is valid for anyone who wishes to download the app. Choose "Forward" from your menu options and select the recipient from your contact book. Follow the link to download the application.

IM Link

Use AOL Instant Messenger to text an application to a phone. Much like emailing the link to a friend, type the friend's 10-digit phone number into the "To" box. Paste the link into the message box and click "Send." The link will then be texted to your friend's phone.