What Happens to My Downloaded Music if I Cancel My Rhapsody Membership?

As a Rhapsody subscriber, you can listen to music using any supported device -- including computers, iPhones, Android phones and BlackBerrys. No matter which device you use, the same things happen to your music if you cancel your Rhapsody subscription. How your music gets treated after you cancel depends on how you used Rhapsody while your subscription was active.

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Rhapsody's Download Definition

While you might think that something you've downloaded is yours to keep, Rhapsody considers tracks that are downloaded to be members-only music. As long as you're a paying subscriber to Rhapsody's services, you can listen to any tracks that you've downloaded through the service. If you choose to cancel your membership, you'll no longer have access to those tracks, even though you may have downloaded them to any number of Rhapsody-compatible devices such as computers and MP3 players.

Rhapsody's Purchase Definition

Rhapsody defines purchased tracks differently from downloaded ones. While you're a Rhapsody subscriber, you have the option to purchase tracks you enjoy directly from Rhapsody. Once they're purchased, they're also downloaded to the device of your choosing or can be burned to a CD. The difference between Rhapsody's downloaded and purchased tracks is that purchased ones are yours to keep, as long as you like. If you cancel your Rhapsody membership, you still retain all access to any tracks you purchased from Rhapsody while you were still a member.

Rhapsody Streaming

When you subscribe to Rhapsody, you're able to stream lots of music directly to your Rhapsody-compatible device. That means you don't have to download or purchase anything at all unless you choose to. This is ideal if you want to preview music you've heard about but haven't yet decided to purchase. Like your downloaded tracks, access to Rhapsody streaming goes away if you cancel your Rhapsody membership.


Not all Rhapsody subscriptions allow you to download or purchase music. As of October 2011, Rhapsody offers both a free subscription and two tiers of paid subscriptions. Rhapsody's free subscription plan allows you to listen to streaming music via the service as well as use Rhapsody software with your existing CDs. However, it allows neither downloading nor purchasing of new tracks via Rhapsody; to access those services, you must purchase a paid subscription.

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