What Is a DVD Writer?

By Contributing Writer

DVD writers are an increasingly common technology for households, especially with the growing popularity of digital video and video editing at home and a demand for more storage capacity.

What Is a DVD Writer?

A DVD writer, also called a DVD recorder, is a device that can record or copy video onto a blank DVD.

Forms of DVD Writers

Many DVD writers come built into computer systems, although they can also be purchased separately.

Costs of DVD Writers

While DVD writers used to be far more costly, prices have fallen drastically within the past decade. Now the standard DVD writer has a price range of anything from $25 dollars to over $100. The more expensive DVD writers are often able to write DVDs at higher speeds.

Quality of Output

The video quality produced by DVD writers is quite high, and comparable to that of commercial DVDs.

New Models of DVD Writers

Some of the most common external DVD writers are produced by Sony, Lite-on, Samsung, LG and Pioneer. As technology continues to improve with HD and Blu-Ray, more and more DVD writers are equipped to handle higher quality imaging, although they also sell at higher price points.