What Is an MTM Text Message?

Modern cell phone technology is advancing at an exponential rate, and each cell phone debut comes out with new features that are named with new terms or words. One such term is "MTM text message," which is the label carriers give to a text that is sent to users within a network.

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The Definition of an MTM Text

The acronym MTM stands for "Mobile-to-Mobile." It indicates that a text message was exchanged between two members of the same network, such as Verizon, Sprint or AT&T. A text can only be labeled MTM if it is both sent and received by two members who are on the same network and have text messaging plans.

Origin of MTM Texting

MTM originated after SMS, or short-message-service, led to the widespread popularity of texting in the 2000s. MTM is a means for carriers to give cell phones users incentives to join a network based on the friends and family that the user sends texts to the most.

The Benefit of MTM Text Messaging

The biggest draw of MTM text messaging is that carriers don't charge for texts as long as the two parties sending and receiving them are with the same carrier and have text messaging subscriptions. This means that family and friends on the same network can text back and forth without paying a dime. Not only does this encourage people to join a network because their friends and family are members, it also boosts profits because the carrier doesn't have to pay to transmit data to a rival carrier.

Sending an MTM Text Message

To send an MTM text message, ensure that both you and the message recipients have the same cell phone provider and have text messaging plans.

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