What Is IR Blaster?

VCRs and DVRs are common devices used for recording purposes. Oftentimes, users operate these devices with a remote-controlled product. An IR, or infrared, blaster, is a kind of remote-controlled device.


An IR blaster is a device used to independently operate electronic equipment that is normally controlled by remote key presses.


IR blasters are often used to enable recording devices like DVRs to switch channels via common tuner devices like satellite receivers and cable boxes. This allows the recorder device to select the appropriate channel before recording. IR blasters are also used to extend infrared signals to equipment or devices that are behind closed doors.


An IR blaster acts as an infrared remote control, or remotely operated control device, that communicates with other devices via infrared signals. Infrared signals are made up of infrared light, or electromagnetic radiation. IR blasters use infrared LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, to emit infrared radiation. This radiation is focused via a plastic lens into a narrow beam, which directs the signals.