What Is the Power Link on the Samsung Speaker Bar?

The Samsung Speaker Bar broadcasts audio from your Samsung television via a speaker system that also includes a subwoofer. The device's Power Link feature automatically turns the speaker bar on and off when you turn your TV on and off. The "Power Link" button is on the Samsung Speaker Bar's remote control; the remote control also controls channel, menu and other functions on your Samsung television.

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Power Link Button

Your Samsung Speaker Bar's Auto Power Link button is in the middle section of the device's remote control under the "Mute" button. When you press the "Auto Power Link" button, your speaker bar's remote control sends an optical signal to both your television and the speaker bar. You must be within 23 feet of both devices, held at a straight line or at a 30-degree angle, for the signal to reach them properly.


Press the "Auto Power Link" button on the remote control once to turn on your Samsung Speaker Bar and television. Press the button twice to turn off both devices. You can also use your Samsung television's remote control to turn the TV off or on, if desired, but your TV's remote control will not turn the speaker bar on or off. The "Standby" light on your Samsung Speaker Bar blinks three times when you press the "Auto Power Link" button to turn on the devices. The "Standby" light blinks once when you press the "Auto Power Link" button again to turn off the devices.

Samsung Televisions

The Power Link feature on the speaker bar works only with Samsung televisions. The feature doesn't work with other television models, surround sound units, VCRs, DVD players or other devices. Also, if you lose your Samsung Speaker Bar's remote control, a universal remote control may not contain the proper codes for operating your Samsung Speaker Bar.

Auto Power Off

Your Samsung Speaker Bar automatically shuts off after 20 minutes of being on without an audio signal being sent to it. This automatic shutoff keeps the device from overheating. Press your speaker bar's "Auto Power Link" or "Power" button to turn the speaker system back on.

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