Inirv React: Smart Stove Accessory Prevents Kitchen Accidents

A stove with Inriv React installed
credit: Inriv React

Perhaps the most cliched question your forgetful mom ever asked after everyone piled into the car was "did we remember to turn the stove off?" It seems that if there's anything the current wave of smart home and Internet of Things gadgets should be able to do, it's to solve the oldest problem in the history of domestication: Knowing the stove is really off.

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Inirv React is designed to do just that, and more. This Kickstarter project is composed of two parts: A ceiling-mounted smoke and gas sensor, and replacement knobs for the stove. You can use the smart knobs instead of the ones that came with your stove, or insert them "behind" your stove's knobs to retain the original look of the appliance.

Either way, the system works together to automatically shut off your stove if the sensor detects a problem fire on your stove top. It also has the ability to shut off the stove if it senses it's unattended, so if you walk away and forget that you've left a burner on, your stove has your back. It does that via a programmable timer, so the stove won't shut off within the time period you set, even if you walk away to get more ingredients or answer the phone.

There's a mobile app, of course, so you can do the thing your mom wanted to be able to do when you were growing up: check on the status of the stove from the car or the beach--and control it remotely as well.

Indeed, Inirv React turns your existing stove into a fully modern smart device. Worried about your young kids accidentally turning on the stove? No need for child locks on the knobs, you can now lock your stove via your phone. Stretch goals for the project include integration with Alexa ("Alexa, turn my stove off") and Google Home.

On the one hand, here's a Kickstarter project that seems to actually address a real problem--it's not an artisinal risotto maker with Bluetooth or a dog collar that alerts you when your pet sees a squirrel. It prevents kitchen disasters. But how much of a problem is this, really. After all, in all those times you worried about leaving the stove on, was it ever actually on, even once? Statistics say yes. Inirv React developers cite studies that show there aree about 357,000 house fires in the US each year, and the National Fire Protection Agency claims as many as 7 people die per day. So yes, a gadget like this can really save lives and property.

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Campaign ends: 2/14/2017

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