Someone Figured Out a Way to Never Drop Your Phone in the Toilet

credit: PooPerch

Using the toilet while simultaneously using your phone is a completely universal human behavior. Because what better time to catch up on emails, texts or a quick game of Candy Crush than when you're doing your private business? Two birds, one stone, you guys.

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But using your phone while on the toilet doesn't come without risk — you know, because of the whole toilet and water part. If you happen to drop your phone anywhere near the toilet bowl, chances are, it's going in. That's just how gravity and Murphy's Law tend to work.

Dropping your phone in the toilet happens, but it doesn't have to.

Allow us to introduce you to the PooPerch! PooPerch is a handy shelf that hangs under a toilet paper holder to provide a convenient, safe space for your phone. Of course, while you're sitting on the toilet, your phone will be in your hands. But when it's time to wipe, pull your pants up, etc. (you know the drill), that's when most toilet bowl phone droppings occur.

This innovative and, let's be honest, necessary product was created by Jack Campbell, who attempted to raise money via Kickstarter. Unfortunately, like so many Kickstarter campaigns before his, the project wasn't successfully funded. Campbell only raised $321 of the $8,000 total needed.

We're not sure why the product didn't resonate with the public, but we do know that the world still doesn't have access to the PooPerch, and that's a shame. We're hoping that Campbell will find a way to raise the money another way so we can all poo without worrying about our phones.

Let's all hope for the triumphant return of PooPerch.

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