Protect Yourself From the Sun With This Portable Face Shader

credit: Kickstarter

The sun is hot, you guys, and it can cause irreversible skin damage. But it's so hard to stay out of it when you have a refreshing beach calling your name and the promise of a summertime tan. But if you don't want to expose your face to harmful UV rays, there's a brand new solution: The Shader.

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The Shader is a portable shade and a personal sun protector, designed to keep your skin protected while you enjoy the beach or park. It's an adjustable shield that you can move to cover your face as the sun shifts throughout the day. It lays flat when not in use, but it opens to completely to cover your face, giving you exactly the amount of shade and privacy you want.

It's good for something else too: snack and beverage protection.

credit: Kickstarter

Created by the HGT Innovations team based out of Adelaide, South Australia, The Shader doesn't just provide shade, it comes equipped with a slew of other cool features. It comes with a removable pillow with a chill-pack built in, built-in drink holders, a phone charging solar panel, and two USB ports!

The Kickstarter has already raised almost $45,000 — far surpassing its $19,820 goal. Choose from four colors: blue, purple, teal, and charcoal. Check it out here.

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