Brighten up Your Outlets With Glow-In-The-Dark Decals

credit: Kickstarter

There's really nothing exciting about outlets. Sure, they provide electricity, and that's important. But outlets just live out their lives on walls, doing their jobs inconspicuously. No one ever notices their existence unless they need something from them. It's a mundane life, really.

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Well, now you can liven up your outlets in a fun and unique way. Outlights are glow-in-the-dark decals that stick on outlets. They exist to bring character to your outlets during the day and make them easier to find at night.

"Face it: Plugging something into an outlet in the dark is hard. Also, your outlets are boring," the company states on its Kickstarter page. And honestly, we agree.

credit: Kickstarter

Outlights can glow for over 12 hours during the night and can last for years. They come in seven designs that are fun for both adults and kids: an astronaut, a ninja, Steve Jobs, a bear, a viking, a ghost, and a classic design.

credit: Kickstarter

Find out more information on the Outlights Kickstarter campaign, which has so far raised $1,000 of its $6,000 goal. Your outlets deserve it.

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